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Join your industry peers in sharing and solving each others partner progam challenges.

Would you like to guest and present your challenge to get solutions?
  • Join this workshop and get involved 
  • Get your challenge resolved
  • Be our guest, present your challenge
  • ​Get your challenge into the Quickfire round 

Monthly Workshops are paused

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Example Partner Program challenges submitted on Previous workshops:

"To find ,who will be more interested in partnering with us as our sales partners, resellers or other software product companies."

- Harsha
"How to best support channel sales/CAMs to identify and recruit the RIGHT partners"

- Stephan

"Finding partners who resell SaaS solutions to marketing organizations vs. a traditional IT VAR."

- Gini

"Agent or distributors to grow brand, Market and organise fulfilment in the given market."

- Mark

The Partner Program Diagnostic Workshop takes place on the third Thursday each month. The theme each month is selected based on participants' registered challenges. Recent selected themes included Partner Enablement, Partner Selection, Partner Propositions and Partnering Team. 

This workshop entails:

  • Content covering Top Challenges Submitted
  • ​Two Guests presenting their challenges with open feebback from all participants
  • ​Quickfire Round - getting feedback on another selected challenges
  • ​Full open discussion - open video and mic encoruaged

Some comments from recent Partner Program Diagnostic Workshops:

"Great webinar. I have never seen a call like it. The format was excellent."
"Very interesting. Do please invite me to the next one."
"Thanks for the Tenego webinar today. Very interesting."
"I was taking notes throughout the whole session."

Register early and get your challenges addressed on the session.

***This session is for tech business and partner program leaders who are starting or growing their partner partner program, small and large companies, On-Cloud or On-Premise, SaaS or Traditional. ***

Donagh Kiernan

Founder and CEO of Tenego Partnering and Tenego Academy

Donagh is an International Software Sales Channel Development expert and an Advisor and Coach to Business Owners / CEOs

Donagh is Sales focussed, Entrepreneurial, Creative in Business Ideas and Business Development, Broad Network of Contacts in Business Community and Technology Sectors. Donagh has 30+ years of experience of technology development, sales and business ownership, investment and management. Starting as a Software Developer, he developed to business founder/owner/manager, Business development, sales and marketing of technology.


Helping Business Leaders Grow their Businesses| Industry Development | Building International Sales Channels | Leading Technologies and Industries | Psychology

Founder of:

Tenego Partnering, Tenego Academy, DeliberateCEO, Vistech Software and Industry initiatives NSC Campus and IT@Cork Industry Organisation. Active in Industry initiatives on Irish Software Association/Technology Ireland, TechBrew Events, Chair of Cork Institute of Technology Alumni and active in Enterprise Ireland Mentor program, commercialisation and internationalisation initiatives.

In 2007/2008 Donagh was selected to participate with 32 Irish CEOs in the year-long Stanford University Graduate School of Business Leadership for Growth Program by Enterprise Ireland.

About Tenego Academy and Tenego Partnering 


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Provide Partner Program Development online self-paced video and advisory programmes for software and tech companies.  

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Provide International Sales Channels Development Services to growing and established software companies. Through Tenego's Global Network, covering many key markets, we provide consulting and hands-on execution services in Sales Channel Analysis and Planning.
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